A is not for air-conditioning

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Anson is two months old on Friday and as a father, I am getting to really understand my son.

Prior to Thursday, Anson kept crying when he was brought up to the room to sleep at night.

Anson is good boy and seldom scream or cry during for day, except when he is hungry, wets his nappy or is cranky due to the lack of sleep.

We fed him before bringing him up to the room so he should not be hungry.

We changed his pampers before sleep so he should be dry.

It could be that he was cranky as he did not have enough sleep. But no matter what we did, Anson continued to scream his head off.

It was on Thursday night that we found out what was causing him to scream: the air-conditioning.

Anson went for his first immunisation shot on Thursday and the doctor did warn of fever developing latter in the day. My mother-in-law also highlighted that one of her daughters had fever for three days after an immunisation shot.

As Anson was developing a slight fever of 37.2 degrees (37 is normal human temperature, Google if you don’t know).

So we decided it was best to leave the air-conditioning off and let the ceiling fan twirl.

It was to our surprise that Anson slept peacefully and quickly without his usual screaming before bed.

I thought it was the fever and the medicine that made Anson a little easier to sleep, but my paternal instinct told me it could be the fan.

On Friday night, we switched on the air-conditioning and Anson cried again. We decided to switch on the ceiling fan and Anson immediately kept quiet. Within minutes in his favourite rocking chair, he went into slumber land within minutes.

He only woke up once during the night for milk and slept a little longer in the morning.

We tried it on Saturday night to sleep with the fan on and Anson was sleeping within minutes.

Either the air-conditioning is too cold (though we set it to 26 degrees) or Anson doesn’t like the dry air from air-conditioning. Whatever the reasons, we are glad that Anson isn’t making too much of the noise at night.

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Anson Koh on Youtube

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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The Anson Poser

Monday, October 6, 2008


Have you ever played the PC game, You Don’t Know Jack! ?

I am now close to one and half a month old and he has develop quite fast. I loves to show off my various facial expression when big adult engages in conversation with me.

I love to smile for the camera..

How about a wink???

One “I (Heart) U” before  I go sleep

If you can’t have enough of me, please visit Daddy’s facebook album here and here.

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