Anson starts a crawling

Monday, March 2, 2009

At six months, Anson has started to make his first steps in crawling.

Though his first crawling steps are rather unstable and some can say it isn’t crawling, but I admire his determination to reach his targeted object at all cost.

We put a empty wet tissue plastic box which caught his eye and he kept crawling towards it.

He still didn’t know how hard the floor can be and as parents you know what might happen.

As Anson was about to fall to his left, hitting the ground hard, my hand instantly reach out to break the loud thud of his head onto floor.

Anson seem to like being in push-up position. Wait till he has to do that for National Service when he is 21..

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Friday, February 20, 2009

i heart  Anson

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Chinese New Year 2009 1st day: Our bundle of joy

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bringing Anson around to two relatives’ place was tiring, but seeing their happy faces made the journey all worth it.

We started the day taking to Anson with a grandaunts, which makes her a great-grandaunty with Anson.

Visits to this grandaunty place during Chinese New Year without her popular ham sandwiches doesn’t complete the trip.


Left: Grandaunty with daughter preparing ham sandwiches. 
Right: Famous ham sandwiches.

Photo: Even Anson has started “eating” the famous ham sandwich.

Our next trip was to a another relative’s place from my father’s side. A popiah (spring rolls) lunch was at hand.







Left: Ingredients for the popiah session.
Right: Mother and aunty making their own popiah.

It was latter back to Anson’s great-grandparents place to greet them and entertain guests there.

Sorry for the lack of text for this blog post as I am extremely tired and we have another busy schedule for the second day.

Here’s some photos to fill the void.

Photo: Younger cousins preparing for a pillow fight!







Photo: Some tidbits at Grandma’s place.

Photo: Anson being the star of this year’s Chinese New Year!

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Reunion dinner with four generations

Chinese New Year this time round is very different for me as I am with son now.

The celebrations start usually at the eve of Chinese New Year itself, the reunion dinner. As it falls on a Sunday this time round and holidays for the next two days, the dinner this time round don’t seem like a rush.

For my non-Chinese visitors, reunion dinners on the eve usually means having the whole family together for one night and have a grand dinner.

The last time Anson’s great-grandparents saw him was in October last year. Neither did his grand-uncle or grand-auntie saw Anson before so I wouldn’t know what Anson’s reaction will be to first time meetings.

Left: Anson’s grandmother introducing him to the kitchen
Right: Great-grandmother giving Anson a welcome peck on the cheek.

Anson did well with the relatives, though he was only cranky as it was about sleep time when we reach the place. Anson slept during dinner time but came out later to meet his relations.





Left: Anson’s young uncles saying “Hello”
Right: Young uncle James says “Hee hee! I am the youngest uncle in the world!!!”

Reunion dinners are grand affairs. My grandmother is usually the cook, but this time round she made rather small portions. Maybe its time for me to continue the cooking tradition.

Photo: 14 seats this year, 15 next year and the table will be cramp! Its a Happy Problem for the family, bizspeak wise.

Left: Noodles – a must have as noodles means longevity
Right: Grandmother’s recipe dish – Bua Ku Lat (Can never find the English translation but its made of mince meat and chicken in thick curry.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day as we be visiting several relatives to start the Chinese New Year celebrations.

For readers of SocialPR, have a happy and prosperous Ox year ahead!

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