Mother and Son

Sunday, September 28, 2008

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My First Month Celebrations

Red eggs to celebrate Anson's first month
Sorry Uncles Aunties Granduncles and Grandaunties..

Daddy have been busy at work recently and had to take care of me.

So that’s why there is a delay in posting.

Here are some photos of my first month celebrations..

Getting ready for his first haircut..
Me getting ready for my first haircut

A little bit here and there..Grandma giving me my first hair cut

I look handsome or not
I look handsome or not?

The Prince...
Daddy says I am his PRINCE
Because that makes him KING!

So noisy this group of granduncleaunties and greatgrandunclesaunties..I go sleep better.
First group came in the afternoon..
Chatter puts me to sleep..

Good old fashion home cook food.
Everybody enjoying their lunch,
especially Aussie Kai Ma

Kai-Ma from Perth loves her pig trotters.

When I grow up, I wouldn't want to be dopey!
Mommy dressed me up like Droopy

Counting down to party party!!!

My twin cousins..
Aust Tai-ma complaining to Daddy and Mommy for not giving her twins..

anson first month
Here’s a quick mosaic capture of my celebrations..

So many people.. I think I sleep better..
Finally.. guests leaving.. time for me to wake up..

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Father's Note: Anson's 1st month celebration

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are going to celebrate Anson's 1st month celebration this Saturday.

He is going to be very baby popular on Saturday.

On another note, here's a trailer of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Its about a man who grew old to young.

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I heart U!

Friday, September 5, 2008

This photo is dedicated to all uncles, aunties, grand uncles, grand aunties, great grand uncles and aunties, grandparents and great-great parents.

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Daddy's back and I'm loving it

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daddy had to go back to Singapore from Sunday to Wednesday. That's why this blog was not updated.

I remembered Daddy telling me he will be back on Wednesday before he left. I usually sleep by 10pm, but yesterday, I wanted to wait for Daddy.

I miss Daddy so much.

Daddy came home about 11.30pm and I was still await.

Daddy called me a naughty boy for sleeping so late, but I knew he also wanted to see me too.

I drank lots of milk last night. Daddy carried me and tried to pat me to sleep.

But I just enjoyed looking at Daddy.

Daddy thought his singing will put me to sleep, but I was still wide awake as I wanted Daddy to sing more.

After awhile, Daddy said he had to go sleep because he has work tomorrow and left me with the confinement nanny.

See you tomorrow Daddy!

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