Chinese New Year 2009 1st day: Our bundle of joy

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bringing Anson around to two relatives’ place was tiring, but seeing their happy faces made the journey all worth it.

We started the day taking to Anson with a grandaunts, which makes her a great-grandaunty with Anson.

Visits to this grandaunty place during Chinese New Year without her popular ham sandwiches doesn’t complete the trip.


Left: Grandaunty with daughter preparing ham sandwiches. 
Right: Famous ham sandwiches.

Photo: Even Anson has started “eating” the famous ham sandwich.

Our next trip was to a another relative’s place from my father’s side. A popiah (spring rolls) lunch was at hand.







Left: Ingredients for the popiah session.
Right: Mother and aunty making their own popiah.

It was latter back to Anson’s great-grandparents place to greet them and entertain guests there.

Sorry for the lack of text for this blog post as I am extremely tired and we have another busy schedule for the second day.

Here’s some photos to fill the void.

Photo: Younger cousins preparing for a pillow fight!







Photo: Some tidbits at Grandma’s place.

Photo: Anson being the star of this year’s Chinese New Year!

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